Inspiring Wedding Photography in Jamaica

Inspiring Wedding Photography in Jamaica

Because of the stunning scenery backdrop , ambient light, clement weather and tropically cheerful atmosphere, Jamaica is a highly desirable destination for weddings. Capitalizing on the Jamaican wedding industry is easy for anyone who is a professional wedding photographer and has a sophisticated digital camera and market their services as a wedding professional Jamaican wedding photographer. We strongly advise wedding planners to please stop, do your homework, and don’t end up choosing an amateur who will not be able to capture your day to its best advantage. There are so many aspects to successful wedding photography that our Jamaican bridal couples may forget to consider during the process of hiring a photographer.

When arranging a Jamaican wedding, it is almost obligatory to feature beach locations, such as those at Ocho Rios, Negril and Montego Bay, where the brightest of Jamaican sunlight is often a factor. You need a photographer who can work with strong sunshine or in the stunning ambient lighting that comes with a Jamaican sunset and twilight, knowing when to use under and over exposure techniques combined with clever editing of the RAW images to capture intricate detail, like the lacing on the bride’s dress, or intricate cake decorations.
Your photographer should be able to use light patterns created by church windows, or the dappling of sunlight through thick tropical Jamaican foliage in a creative manner to create interesting effects or just to bring out a glow in the bride’s skin. They should know to opt for softening diffusers and reflectors which reduce the unflattering and harsh shadowing often caused by a strong flash. Digital cameras today come with a range of options such as solarizing, sepia toning and monochromatic shooting possibilities, but while an amateur photographer may snap away with impunity using these effects, a professional photographer will know to take all images in the standard way in color, and then add or alter the original image in an editing program later to maintain full flexibility over each image with maximum quality.
The above tips are concerned with the technical skill of the photographer, however at Digital Memories Collection, we have the experience gained after covering the photography for countless Jamaican weddings to know all the other skills that are necessary to provide the perfect pictorial portrayal of a couple’s most special day.
We know how to get the best out of the couple by being friendly, encouraging, smiling, ensuring that they feel comfortable expressing themselves in front of the camera. We give them tips in advance on posing in the most flattering ways, and what poses to avoid. We focus on our subjects, and then get their attention to capture natural photographs. They usually laugh out of surprise, and we capture that too, getting lovely, happy looking pictures. We give them space when appropriate so that they can enjoy their day to the fullest, and take the opportunity to get guest shots.

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We also know how to get the best out of the guests; we don’t photograph them while they are eating or in compromising positions. We follow laughter, and snap away while people are involved in telling a story or distracted by events to get wonderful, natural guest shots. We can sense those people who avoid the camera and strike up a conversation with them to find out if they want to be photographed, as we don’t want to offend or take pictures that anyone is uncomfortable with. By consulting with the couple and their wedding planner, we can efficiently capture the traditional family and friend poses. Lastly, when planning a wedding in Jamaica one must take into account that sometimes tropical showers, thunderous clouds and strong gusts of wind will occasionally replace our hot sunshine. At Jamaica Wedding Photography, we are experienced at using whatever weather is prevalent to our advantage, getting dramatic shots that frame the happy couple vividly no matter the conditions, for wedding photography that captures both the couple and Jamaica at its best.

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